Picture, Geo & Combination Windows

Picture, Geo, and Combination Windows

Picture windows are the perfect style of window to provide you with an expansive panoramic view of the world outside, as well as to make the room they brighten seem larger and more open. Vista picture window profiles can be made into several dynamic combination shapes. Let your imagination go and design the window of your dreams.

Picture windows can be combined with any other window style to create truly unique, and sometimes massive, combinations.

Our Geometric Windows come in a wide variety of styles, perfect for adding curb appeal to your home individually or combining with picture windows for a one-of-a-kind window.

Vista provides two different profile frames of our picture windows to perfectly match any other window in a combination unit, again showing the Vista attention to detail.

Panorama Series Picture Windows feature:

  • Multiple insulated glazing systems

  • Fully welded frames

  • 100% VEKA virgin vinyl world-class compound formulation

Vista Panorama Series Geometric Windows are available in the following styles:

  • Half Circle

  • Extended Leg Half Circle

  • Circle

  • Quarter Round

  • Extended Leg Quarter Round

  • Eyebrow

  • Extended Leg Eyebrow

  • Half Eyebrow

  • Ellipse

  • Oval

  • Cathedral

  • Extended Leg Cathedral

  • Octagon

  • Hexagon

  • Trapezoid

  • Triangle - Right

  • Triangle - Equilateral

  • Triangle - Isosceles

  • Pentagon


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