Triple-Glazed Shift Technology

The original concept behind Shift Technology was to take advantage of offset glass spacing to get the best performance out of the argon and krypton gas fills. While that is still the case, advances in Low-E technology have “shifted” our thinking.

We have the ability to produce windows with both offset and symmetrical third panes of glass - shifting the middle pane to wherever it will provide us the best combination of performance and value for your home.

  • Utilizes equal or unequal (offset) spacing between the triple panes for optimum gas filling and maximum u-values

  • Incorporates different blends of gas to provide the highest energy efficiency with the lowest cost available

  • Combines with OptiGas to provide enhanced sound control for a quieter living space

  • Featured in Vista's Eco-Sure Family of Glass

Offset Triple Corner CutShift Technology Variations

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