FlexScreen is the world's first flexible screen.

Vista Window Company now offers this as an upgrade option on our double hung and slider windows. Ask your Vista representative about award-winning FlexScreen for your home.

- No mounting hardware required. FlexScreen is a high performance spring steel frame that is captured in the screen track and can easily be removed from inside the home.

DAMAGE RESISTANT - FlexScreen is a solid, one-piece frame unlike traditional screens that are hollow frames joined with corner keys. The durable PVC coating is similar to that found on dishwasher racks and outdoor park benches.

EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION - Simply hold the full screen in your hands...flex the long sides in the middle...and fit FlexScreen into your screen track. For double hung windows, the screen will load into the head first, and for slider windows, the screen will load into one of the jambs first.

BEAUTIFULLY INVISIBLE - FlexScreen hides in the window screen pocket. You will no longer see the screen frame and will gain more viewing area through the glass. Drastically improves the curb appeal of your windows.

Learn more and see FlexScreen by talking to your Vista dealer or visiting flexscreen.net.

FlexScreen Half and Full
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