EEE-Z-Kleen Glass

EEE-Z-Kleen is an advanced technology that provides simple maintenance and time savings along with improved glass clarity, visibility and strength. EEE-Z-Kleen enhances the appearance and prolongs the life of the insulated glass in your new Vista windows.

Untreated glass, like the kind you get in regular windows, is very rough and porous. Contaminates such as oil, hard water deposits, fingerprints and even dust will cling to the surface. Water spotting can occur and end up becoming a permanent part of the glass.

Washing your windows using standard household cleaners that are commonly ammonia-based can actually accelerate this condition. EEE-Z-Kleen glass virtually eliminates all of these problems.


Eee-Z-Kleen Glass System

An innovative and protective glass treatment that is factory-applied to all the glass surfaces to help repel dust and water making your windows easier to clean.

  • Easier to Clean

  • Optically Clearer

  • More Impact Resistant

  • Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty

Do you still need to clean your glass? Absolutely. Below are some tips to make the most of your EEE-Z-Kleen glass.

For crystal clear results, we recommend using micro-fiber cloths. These can be purchased at any home center.

Use a mixture of 1 part rubbing alcohol to 4 parts water. Wipe down the window using the mixture and a micro-fiber cloth, then buff with a dry micro-fiber cloth.

NEVER use ammonia or acid-based cleaners or abrasive materials like cleanser on your windows. They will shorten the life of the “hydrophobic” qualities of your window as well as void your warranty.

For more information, download our EEE-Z-KLEEN brochure.

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