Panorama Decorative Window Options

Besides being energy efficient, the insulating glass in your window should be beautiful, too.
Vista offers a wide range of opportunities to further customize your windows. Additional options include a variety of grooved glass, between-the-glass blinds and custom grids.

Interior Woodgrains

Woodgrain Interior finishes allow you to upgrade your new windows to the look and feel of real wood. Available in Cherry, Cavalier Oak, Light Oak and Pecan.*

Vista Wood Grain Options

Custom Grooved Glass

Grooved Glass Options

Custom Grids

Unique standard and contour-styled muntins are available in a variety of styles. Vista’s custom color process matches most of our grids to our windows. You can also specify the grid patterns you would like. Shown below is a sampling of styles available; see your dealer for more information and a complete grid availability chart.

Custom Grids

Between-the-Glass Blinds

Vista has mini-blinds available that are sealed inside the glass unit of your windows, giving you extreme control over the amount of light you want to enter the room at different times of the day. Very few window companies can offer this option.

*NOTE: These on-screen images are for web display purposes only, and may look very different from computer to computer. You should ALWAYS consult your remodeling professional to determine the actual color selection available.

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